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offensive. targeted not one but two local schools and tonight police look for a link. good evening. i'm wendy in for craig melvin. police say the vandals first targeted herbert hoover middle school and they appeared to struck again at bethesda middle school and that's where darcy spencer is with more on the possible connection to these two crimes. >> reporter: police say these crimes are very similar in nature but they have no idea why vandals are targeting middle schools here in montgomery county. mont gonlry county police are investigating acts of vandalism at two middle schools that they believe could be connected. the first at herbert hoover middle school in potomac. >> it was ethnically offensive and sexually graphic. >> at 2:40 saturday morning, police responded to an alarm at north bethesda middle school in bethesda. officers found similar damage,
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sexually explicit paintings and hate language on the school building. several windows were broken. seven cars were damaged with paint on beach avenue near the school. >> we don't know who's responsible. if it is juveniles we want to make sure that everyone understands we don't look at this as a prank. these are serious incidents and they are being thoroughly investigated. >> reporter: the crimes are not affecting school operations during the summer months but police want to catch the vandals before they cause more damage. >> we need to know who's responsible and what's going on and make sure that we can find those people and stop this. >> reporter: neighbors that live near the school say the crimes are disturbing. >> obviously very concerning. it's been a very peaceful neighborhood. we've been here four years and never heard of anything like this happening before. >> reporter: crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward for help in solving these cases. reporting live from bethesda, darcy spencer, news4. back to you. the murder suspect who escaped from d.c. superior court
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lockup on friday is back behind bars after 23 hours on the run. the u.s. marshal service said james adrian brewer turned himself in this afternoon with the help of his lawyer charged with last month's murder of solomon reese in southeast d.c. court records show brewer managed to switch i.d. bracelets with another prisoner and walked out of the courthouse. he's now facing escape charges in addition to the murder charges. the marshalls, however, trying to figure out how he was able to pull this off. casey anthony could be less than an hour away from walking out of a florida jail. she's scheduled to be released tomorrow but for security reasons it's believed she might be set free just after midnight. it's been nearly two weeks since anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. this case has sparked outrage and protest since the verdict was reached. >> every helicopter on the planet is going to follow her wherever she's going. that's enough of a show for.
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>> everybody they could put her in a sheriff's car and take her wherever she wants to go. they don't normally go. >> people are paying her to write a book and tell her lies so, she'll probably -- she may stay for the the money, other than that i can totally see her taking what she has now and going to mexico or something. >> casey's legal team will not say where she's staying once she's released but there's speculation that she'll have to leave the krir for her safety. a house fire in prince william county is being blamed on a man that tried to ky ed tts dog. this happened in the 4500 block of kingston road. harris was trying to cremate his 11-year-old rottweiler. he used gasoline and it spread to his house. he told a local paper that he tried to get several animal shelters to help him dispose of his dead pet but all told him
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the dog was too big. more apologies from rupert murdoch will run in several british newspapers tomorrow as the fallout from the phone hacking scandal connected to portions of his media empire continues and expands. this is some high-profile celeb -- this, as some high-profile celebrities are suing scotland yard claiming it knew about the hacking and did nothing about it. prime minister david come ro under fire for private dinners and weekend trips with murdoch and other top news dorps executives. >> venezuelan president, hugo chavez, headed back to cuba for more cancer treatments. he's scheduled to undergo chemotherapy after having a few more removed last month. before leaving venezuela he handed over some power to his vice president and planning minister. chavez had been urged to hand over all of his power but he refused. it's not been disclosed what type of cancer he's battling. time is running out for
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president obama and congressional republicans to reach a deal on the nation's debt limit. 17 days until the default deadline. mike has the latest. >> reporter: for visitors outside, us from administration with the gridlock that threatens the global economy. >> it's politics. it's always going to be politics. one side always picks on the other side. >> i had think it puts a whole lot of uncertainty into the economic markets. >> in salt lake city at a meeting of the nation's governor, alarge from a top republican over the lack of progress in washington. >> hopefully we can get an agreement. it's bad for the country, bad for the economy and abad for each state accordingly. >> reporter: as the debt standoff continues president obama renewed his call for higher taxes on wealthier problems to be part of the deal. >> you can't solve the deficit without cutting spending and also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share.
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>> reporter: republicans rejected any new taxes. >> the solution to a spending crisis is not tax increases yet washington has consistently demonstrated that it cannot control its urge to spend. >> reporter: with no agreement in site and default 17 days away, the treasury is planning for a potential catastrophe. the government borrowed 41 cents for every dollar it spends. government funding for basic programs like military active duty pay, veterans' affairs, federal salaries and benefits and even the fbi and federal courts all could be cut off in august if no agreement is reached by the second. leaders on both sides agree on the urgent need to act but can't decide what to do. many feel it's time to mind common ground. >> they need to work together for once and try to solve the problem instead of blaming each other. >> and again, the deadline to raise the debt limit and avoid the default is august 27bd.
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talks are ongoing but no official meetings are scheduled for this weekend. a 9/11 remembrance is being kent out of one virginia city. police say it's a matter of safety. president obama meets with the dalai lama and the white house said this is more than a photo op. 23 you saw harry potter you've become part of box office history. and in sports, the nats beat the braves in atlanta. and lovely night out there, chuck? >> certainly is and the great weather will last about one more day and then the heat, haze and day and th[ man ] i gothaze and this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is.
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the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching and major changes at one local event. the annual 9/11 memorial motorcycle ride is going to be rerouted so it was not pass through downtown leesburg this year. a virginia state police spokesperson tells the leesburg today newspaper. kr bypass is necessary for safety reasons and to avoid major traffic backups. the founders of the ride say they hope officials will change their mind. this event draws thousands of riders and is a popular end-of-the-summer event pore leesburg businesses and residents. it's a three day ride and it starts august 18th. no epic traffic jams paralyzing the los angeles area today and that is newsworthy. because this weekend marked the beginning of a big construction project on california's busiest freeway. transportation officials have been asking drivers to avoid a
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ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway which was shut down for a massive construction project that was dubbed carmageddon. people took them seriously and the highway patrol says other than a zrung driver arrested for going around the barricades and a jogger jogging on the highway, there were no major incidents to report today. president obama spending part of his saturday with the doily lamar. the two had a private 45-minute meeting at the white house that happened a few hours after china asked the u.s. to rescind the invitation to the tibetan spiritual leader. the white house says today's meeting re-affirms the president's belief the chinese government should meet with the doily lamar's representatives to resolve their differences. the doily lamar is wrapping up an 11-day trip here to d.c. and still to come, african-american slaves fighting for their freedom. it comes to life if a brand new venue here in d.c.
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and we're in for some hot changes in our
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the boy wizard works his magical power at the box office, big surprise. harry potter part ii set a new midnight-showing record. according to warner brothers, the film made more than $43 million friday alone. beating out the previous midnight opening set last summer by the twilight saga eclipse, which earned a meager $30 million. a museum that honors african-americans that fought in
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the u.s. civil war has a new home. the african-american civil war history museum relocated to a 5,000 square foot space on vermont avenue northwest. the grand opening started today and the exhibit highlights the thousands of slaves who joined the army to literally, fight for their freedom. >> i joined in this army to fight for our freedom, 150,000 of these guys were slaves when the war started. they literally fought their way from slavery to freedom. 23 of them won the congressional medal of honor. >> there's a database to help research any family connection to the men that served. there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony on monday. that would be a great place to go any time but especially this week when the temperatures are going to start soaring. >> no kidding. >> that's why we love museums in our town. >> the one thing they didn't recreate from the civil war was the lack of air conditioning and we're all grateful for that.
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you're going to need it. anywhere in the mid-atlantic and if you're traveling anywhere from essentially east of the rockies, to new york city and boston, this week is hot. everywhere in that two-thirds of the country. some of the hottest we've seen this summer. we had one day over 100 this summer and we may get another one before the next seven-day stretch is through. outside, a beautiful saturday night here in washington. generally clear sky overhead. the moon was full yesterday and nearly full outside, pretty high up. good looking view. that's the national cathedral high up on the hill and the kennedy center for the performing arts alongside the potomac river. our high today, 86, which is cooler than average by three degrees. with today and yesterday being factored in, july for the month, three weeks in, two and a half weeks in, we're three degrees warmer than average. temperatures are falling into the low 70s in many spots.
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culpepper, manassas, down to 70. leesburg and ash burg. winchester down to 72 as well. on the satellite we're on the northeastern edge of the clear skies. a few more lonely showers in far southwestern virginia. that's where they'll stay for the remainder of the evening and tomorrow, the high pressure works its way offshore and bright sunshine for most tomorrow. along the ridge lines and back through parts of the shenandoah valley, a slightly better chance as we get toward late monday afternoon and evening, we'll be dry here in washington but northern maryland to the mountains of west virginia, a slight chance for a shower monday afternoon. here in washington our best chance will be coming up on tuesday. here's our future weather. 8:00 tomorrow morning, the best chances to see the isolated showers tomorrow as we step through the day, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 in the morning not much going on. the early afternoon hours psh these green dots represent a
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possible shower. so here's your forecast. sunday morning, clear skies and comfortable. wake-up temperature is 46 to 71. sunshine for most. a little warmer and more humid. highs into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. on the bay tomorrow, some sailing? sunshine tomorrow and 86. hazy sun and near 90 on monday. 72 for the ocean water temperature and air temperature at the coastline generally in the low to mid 80s the next couple of days. if this is your week of vacation at the beach you picked a good one. a couple of showers and on tuesday and once the shower chances dissipate it gets ugly hot around here by the end of the week and next weekend so be on the lookout for that. follow me on twitter. coming up in sports, the women's world cup final, less than 16 hours away.
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i guess the nats were not rusty tonight? >> nope. the offense gets going and defense looks good as well. starting pitcher, john lannon left with blood on his forehead. but he was okay. tonight, back on the mound against the braves but it's what he did at the plate that helped him get this record. the manager davey johnson and the nats looking sharp. the nats lead 1-0 and landon comes to the plate and ground ball up the middle and it gets through. here comes wilson ramos and
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landon had been 0 for 32 and finished the for 3 with two ribs. landon mitching to counterpart tommy hansen and he started to double play. nats had five errors on friday. landon went 5.3 and only gave up go runs. top of the sixth. the nats have a one-run lead. crushes one to left. a no-doubter! his ninth home run of the season. ramos had three rbis in the ball game. bottom of the ninth, facing alex gonzalez. gets a bouncer to short. ian desmond charges and fires to first for the final out. storen gets his final victory and this nats which and they'll fry to win the series tomorrow at 1:35. baltimore, jj hardy signed a
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contract worth more than $22 million. bottom of the sixth, nick markakis up and you're so not catching that. out for a solo home one rb his eighth homer of the season, the os take a 3-2 lead on one swing of the bat. two outs and kevin greg in to shut the door on the indians. he loads the bases and cabrera drives one into the gap. it's a 6-5 game. things getting interested in baltimore and buck showalter says to greg, you're done, dude. mike gonzalez facing grady si sizemore. and the os hang on to win 6-5 and snap their nine-game losing streak. golf, a youngster from northern ireland won the last major championship. now an older guy from northern ireland might be the next to win
11:25 pm
a major championship. 42-year-old darren clark would be the 24th different man in history to win a major over the age of 40. chuck bell might be next. third round action at the british open, strong winds and rain making it tough at royal st georges. he shoots a 2 under 68, three shots behind the leader. shot of the day, denmarks anders hanson. par 4 9th. the ball takes a couple bounces and a u turn into the cup for a eagle. hanson is at even par for the tournament. dustin johnson here at number 12, putting for birdie and putting with precision. johnson is in second place at minus 4, one shot behind darren clark. on 12, he gets the birdie to go here and shoots a 1 under 69 and leafs the british open add 5 under par. clark trying to win his very
11:26 pm
first major championship. in may jar league soccer. d.c. united and fc dallas ended a scoreless tie. united will take on the new england revolution. tomorrow in frank feather germany, the u.s. women's germany, the united states defeated japan three times and the u.s. last won the world cup in 1999. and much like the '99 squad, this year's team has captured the world with its heart and determination. >> i truly believe that with this american attitude, doing together, teamwork. and never give up, that will help us a lot in the final. in the end, all i care about is winning. >> winning is the most important thing right now and it's 90 minutes. if we can win one 90-minute game we're world champs. >> when you step foot inside a stadium like this you know that you've made it to the epitome of your sport. you want to give it your all and
11:27 pm
you can taste it. you're is close you can taste the victory and we're just hoping to bring that trophy home. >> you can see the game at 2:45 on espn. it will be in bars, wendy. i know you were going to ask and i know wherever you want to watch it you know it will be up. >> i think it's fabulous. this is so exciting. >> i so hope they win. i'm really rooting for them. >> that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next. have a good one.
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probably not the high end accommodations you're used to mr. strauss-kahn, but make yourself at home. >> did you hear what i heard? >> well, we best introduce ourselves. yeah. hey, we heard all about you on the news. >> mr. dominique strauss-kahn,

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